July 12-15, 2013


Silverado Resort and Spa
Napa Valley California

The second Zing International Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Conference (12th – 15th July 2013) will focus on recent work on:
Hydrogen production, storage and utilisation – from novel nanomaterials to systems for the portable, stationary and automotive sectors.

This conference will focus on modern aspects and new developments of hydrogen, fuel cells and their applications and will cover the following areas:

Theme 1: Hydrogen Production and Materials
Theme 2: Renewable Hydrogen
Theme 3: Materials for Hydrogen Storage
Theme 4: Fuel Cell Research & Development
Theme 5: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Applications
Theme 6: Hydrogen Safety Engineering.

Carefully selected Plenary and Invited lectures from distinguished researchers from all over the world are the core features of the hydrogen and fuel cell conference. Presentations from contributed abstracts and a poster session for delegates will be available. The chairmen strongly encourage participation in scientific discussions in a relaxed atmosphere as well as the participation of younger engineers and scientists.

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