Congratulations to our two NextChallenge: Smart Cities winners!

$80,000 Demonstration Grant Award Winner



Raphael Carty | Callida Energy | Callida Occupant App

Callida Energy’s Occupant App software uses real-time data collected from occupants via a comfort survey to empower building operators to more efficiently heat and cool buildings based on occupants’ presence and comfort.    Rather than running HVAC systems based on a pre-determined occupancy schedule, the software gathers data to learn zone occupancy patterns and recommend more efficient zone operating schedules that turn-down heating/cooling when offices are unoccupied or lightly occupied. It also visualizes occupant comfort problems to facility managers in real-time and leans what occupants perceive to be actual comfort to improve temperature settings.  Based on prior results, Callida estimates the software will achieve 30+% HVAC energy savings annually – as well as costs and carbon emissions reductions — with no decrease in occupant comfort.

$20,000 Grant Award Winner



Travis Knepper | RideHop | OnDemand for fixed routes

RideHop On-Demand for Fixed Routes reduces the total number of buses or shuttles needed by adapting the transportation system to respond to ridership demand in real time opposed to standard circling for rider coverage. Urban campuses, such as hospitals, universities or large companies often provide buses or shuttles on a fixed route to transport employees, guests and patrons to and from buildings and parking lots. During decreased demand, circling mostly-empty buses results in unnecessary engine hours, greenhouse gases and operational overhead. As a solution, RideHop On-Demand allows riders to indicate when they are waiting at a stop, drivers are automatically dispatched, and riders receive an ETA for their ride. Early projections indicate the solution could reduce fleet coverage by 29 percent, while reducing wait time for passengers during off-peak times.

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A smart city technology is a connected, interactive and data driven solution that addresses needs in urban areas.

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