A letter from our President & CEO, Jean Redfield

December 2013 – When I stepped into the CEO role in July of 2012, NextEnergy was in its 10th year.  Through the process of planning our grand celebration, we constructed a timeline of our first 10 years and reconnected with a number of our partners, stakeholders, founding members and early stage technology companies who had been a critical part of NextEnergy’s success.  The experience was so powerful that we decided to create this 10 year impact report.

In 10 years, NextEnergy has grown from a “good idea” into a nationally recognized advanced energy technology business accelerator. We have gained positive attention for:

  • Our unique on-site demonstration and commercialization activities
  • Our value chain and technology road mapping efforts that support economic development strategies and inform R&D funding priorities
  • The public private partnerships we help create by bringing together new technologies, industry players and public and private investment capital

In 10 years, we have worked with hundreds of companies, built our center in Midtown Detroit, “graduated” three companies into larger manufacturing spaces and at least 10 alumni into careers in energy, helped attract over $1 billion in investment, and supported our client companies who have gone on to create over 500 patents, trademarks, copyrights or licensing agreements.

It’s been a productive 10 years and was worth capturing the story in one place – “10 Years of Driving Innovation”.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the impact we have had, due in no small part to partners like you.

Thank you for your contribution.  I look forward to what the next 10 years will bring.


Jean Redfield
President & CEO