NextEnergy is a convener, collaborator, and service provider accelerating advanced energy technologies through industry and venture development. NextEnergy implements initiatives that propel industry, government, and other stakeholders’ goals. We provide consulting, value chain analysis, venture development support, and collaborative research and development. Our goal is to drive investment and support job creation and retention in advanced energy through innovation.

Public Sector Leadership

NextEnergy partners with the State of Michigan and federal agencies to design future energy strategies, advise on funding priorities, and administer and evaluate programs. We inform our broad network through reporting on industry trends, convening stakeholders, and sharing program outcomes.

Market Services

NextEnergy leverages market intelligence to support technology commercialization and advance the transition of existing businesses to the advanced energy technology sector. We work to attract advanced energy companies to Michigan in partnership with the state’s economic development organizations.

Technology Demonstration & Commercialization

NextEnergy uses its innovative testing capabilities and assets to provide demonstration and validation services for various industry programs. We provide comprehensive program management services and advise our partners on commercialization of advanced energy technologies, components, and systems.

NextEnergy provides an array of services at little to no cost to qualified advanced energy companies.
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Since its inception, NextEnergy has helped attract more than $1.5 billion of new investment, including programs in excess of $160 million in which NextEnergy has directly participated.
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Since 2002, NextEnergy has helped hundreds of organizations achieve their goals by providing support through a variety of services. Learn More