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A New Season for Resiliency, Smart Energy, and Mobility

By Posted on April 14, 2021
Jim Saber

Monthly Update: April 2021
Jim Saber, President & CEO

Happy Spring!

We have made it through another winter and are looking forward to longer days and warmer weather. In Michigan, like many other northern states, spring means the start of another construction season. Not only construction within our homes and buildings, but new construction on our roads and infrastructure.

Infrastructure today is a hot topic. It is the subject of considerable interest and debate at the federal, state, and local levels. What infrastructure should we be investing in to help achieve climate goals, increase resiliency, and support greater access to economic growth?

The NextEnergy team is working with partners to help create strategies and implement plans for smart energy and mobility at the city, community, and campus levels to develop cleaner, smarter, and more accessible communities.

Please stay tuned for updates on our work and activities via our website, social media platforms, and as always please feel free to connect with our team to learn how we can support your strategy, planning, and implementation.

– Jim


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