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SmartCone Technologies is proud to be piloting our latest technology as part of a project launched from the NextEnergy SmartCities Challenge. Not only did this challenge help to further develop sensors and artificial intelligence within the eco-system but it pushed forward SmartCone’s first subsidiary, AutoGuardian By SmartCone. Often times when small-mediums sized businesses (SMEs) create solutions that can cross over into multiple verticals, they can get lost in doing “too much.” SmartCone has created a cutting-edge business model in that each time we discover a $50 million vertical market, we go out and test the water with valuable pilots like the one provided by NextEnergy to prove out the need is real and attainable.


With our intelligent infrastructure offerings, we can capture valuable data to make cities smarter and safer. SmartCone successfully piloted an early warning system to detect cyclists before entering an intersection to alert on-coming motorist to their fast approaching presence in Ottawa, Canada. Shortly after followed an intelligent crosswalk in near Montreal where oncoming vehicles set off rapid flashing beacons to draw attention to an un-signaled crosswalk. This unique solution helped to slow traffic down and alert drivers they were approaching an intersection as well as give pedestrians advanced warning of vehicles approaching from a distance. In Grosse Pointe Park, we are providing the city with ongoing data to include the speed of vehicles in two busy intersection that back school zones as well as counting the number of people that move through the area. At the same time we are using our artificial intelligence to detect people on either side of the crosswalk before they enter and automatically set off rapid flashing beacons on either side of the unsignaled crossing. In the first 3 months of operation we are already seeing a reduction in average speed correlating with high activation time frames which shows added visibility at the crossings are effectively slowing the traffic.

As SmartCone continues to innovate and listen to the needs of its customers, a larger need has encompassed us all surrounding safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, SmartCone Founder and CEO, Jason Lee, has kicked off the SmartCone 19 Task Force initiative to bring technology companies together for advanced solutions to help fight COVID-19. Our first response included a mobile for the City of Albuquerque’s “Wi-Fi on Wheels” program, an initiative designed to offer free internet access at various parking lots across the city in an effort to help those without internet access during this pandemic. Being engaged in multiple verticals from workplace safety and security to mobility and beyond positions us uniquely to lead the charge with our latest offering … a critical closed-loop, ‘return to work’ solution that starts by monitoring employees at home, then protects them with clean transportation to a safer work environment and back home again.

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