Energy Efficiency

According to the US Energy Information Agency, a combination of trends—new technology, a growing United States economy, greater electricity demands and a need to reduce emissions—is accelerating an interest in energy efficiency. NextEnergy recognizes this opportunity to grow and develop energy efficiency technologies that will address the risks and opportunities posed by these trends. Within the energy efficiency ecosystem, NextEnergy collaborates with entrepreneurs in private business, academia, utility companies and the public sector to advance energy efficient solutions.

The work we do.

NextEnergy collaborates with businesses in the energy efficiency space to inform them of trends, keep them abreast of technology developments, and coach them through business growth opportunities. We also provide access to funding opportunities and platforms to accelerate the commercialization and adoption of energy efficiency technologies. Our goal is to drive investment and support job creation and retention through our support of advanced mobility innovation.

NextEnergy also conducts extensive market analyses, technology road-mapping, and value-chain research to help businesses assess market opportunities for their products and services.

How we can help you.

If you are an early-stage technology developer, whether a university spin-out or a well-established firm, NextEnergy can provide support in any or all of the following areas:
Access to funding | R&D Demonstration Programs | Initial Company Assessment | Business Consulting | Technology Vetting | Market Research | Promotional Support | Technology Acceleration Space | Testing Services

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Current Programs & Initiatives

Midwest Energy Accelerator

The Midwest Energy Accelerator is a joint program between Detroit-based NextEnergy and Chicago-based Clean Energy Trust. Both organizations are the Midwestern recipients of the National Incubator Initiative for Clean Energy (NIICE) grant, a Department of Energy (DOE) national support network that serves clean energy small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing critical technical assistance and training services in order to bring their technologies closer to market readiness.


NextChallenge is a technology “solutions” challenge that spurs the development of revolutionary energy solutions and creates ground-breaking opportunities to drive product differentiation and technology innovation.

Clean Energy Roadmap

The Clean Energy Roadmap is a collaborative effort between Michigan and Northeast Ohio to accelerate the region’s clean-energy sector through focused strategies for identifying and advancing energy efficiency building technologies, products, services and strategies for clean energy manufacturing processes.

Advanced Lighting Industry Support

NextEnergy works closely with Michigan’s advanced lighting sector, including technology developers, manufacturers, distributors, installers, and customers, to facilitate growth, create connections, and generate investment across the State. NextEnergy regularly attends national lighting events and shares information with Michigan-based firms to keep them abreast of “What’s Next”. NextEnergy also hosts the annual Michigan Advanced Lighting Conference.

Key Industry Events

Michigan Advanced Lighting Conference
This annual event has become the place where the end-users, service-providers and manufacturers that make up Michigan’s advanced lighting ecosystem come together to learn, share ideas and case studies, conduct business and explore the latest technology. Attendees discover how to harness the power of advanced lighting to enhance the spaces where we work, live and play.
V2B Mashup
In September of 2015 NextEnergy presented the V2B Mashup to showcase the nascent but strategic convergence of technologies connecting two distinct spaces (vehicles and the built environment), The V2B Mashup provided a unique setting for industry leaders to network outside of their traditional circles to identify new opportunities for growth. Interactive discussions, purposeful networking and hands-on demonstrations of the latest technology, trends and research were specifically designed to help these leaders move emerging technologies and business forward.

Past Programs & Initiatives

NextChallenge: Lighting
NextChallenge: Lighting was a global competition developed to source ideas, concepts and intellectual properties – aimed at driving innovation and economic development in partnership with Ford Motor Company and RecoveryPark, an urban farming operation in Detroit, to address each company’s unique advanced lighting technology needs. The 2015 winners of the challenge are now working with each sponsor to advance conversations about integrating solutions into Ford’s future product platforms and RecoveryPark’s sustainable, urban agricultural production.
Smart Power. Smart Light. Made in Detroit
In December of 2013 the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy launched the SmartAmerica Challenge to bring together industry, academia and the government to demonstrate how Cyber-Physical Systems (“the Internet of Things”) can create jobs, new business opportunities and socio-economic benefits for the nation. Since a core value proposition of the NextEnergy charter is to champion new economic opportunities related to “What’s Next” in advanced energy technology, we moved quickly to participate in this important national initiative.

As a result, NextEnergy joined two Detroit-based technology start-ups, Nextek Power Systems and TOGGLED, who have developed a modular, scalable DC powered lighting system that allows facility managers to rewire and move lights as building needs change – more safely and cost effectively than conventional systems allow.

E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency: Advanced Lighting
DTE Energy and NextEnergy, in partnership with the Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD) delivered a technology innovation competition. The E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency: Advanced Lighting solicited applications to demonstrate innovative energy efficiency technologies in advanced lighting and resulted in demonstrations at the Detroit Zoo and the City of Royal Oak. The E-Challenge competition encourages collaboration between technology companies to deliver new solutions in energy efficiency.

Success Stories

Since 2002, NextEnergy has helped hundreds of organizations achieve their goals. Here are just a few examples:

Nextek Power Systems

Partners & Collaborators