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Faster and More Convenient EV Charging

By Posted on October 25, 2022
Jim Saber

Jim Saber, President & CEO


It’s the end of October already! It seems like the seasons flash by in the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle.

And speaking of electric vehicles, I want to highlight updates on some of our EV charging programs.

Earlier this month, Delta Electronics demonstrated their Solid State 400kW DC fast charger with the program partners, the U.S. Department of Energy, General Motors, DTE Energy, and Virginia Tech at the American Center for Mobility!

I also had the opportunity to participate in an SAE Podcast discussing the technology and applications for wireless charging with our program partners, Electreon and Jacobs. I hope you find it informative.

Battery electric is not the only option for zero-emissions mobility. A considerable amount of development is taking place for hydrogen as an energy carrier for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Please check out Bill Siddall’s post about some recent developments in hydrogen technology.

Stay tuned for updates on our work and activities via our website, social media platforms, and as always, please feel free to connect with our team.



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