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E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency – Driving Michigan Innovation in Advanced Lighting

By Posted on May 12, 2014

In a recent NextEnergy blog post, Joshua Brugeman, NextEnergy’s director of energy efficiency, discussed the evolving market of LED lighting control systems. While statistics and studies show evidence to support the value proposition for this technology – when it comes down to it – seeing is believing. Now, courtesy of the DTE E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency competition, you can visit two Detroit-area examples of this synergy in action:

Innovation in Action: Lumecon at the Detroit Zoo From the famous Detroit Zoo water tower to the zoo’s pedestrian pathway, the wireless control system installed in Farmington Hills-based Lumecon’s lighting fixtures offer zoo staff the ability to capture energy usage data, alter light levels, and send alerts and commands with any authorized mobile device. In addition to outdoor lights, the wireless lighting control network in the indoor Great Apes habitat can manipulate light quality and quantity to mimic natural lighting effects. Numerous studies have reported how poor lighting quality can negatively impact human behavior and productivity. Likewise, light pollution can cause adverse impacts to animals, including disrupting sleep patterns and altering breeding and feeding cycles. This technology ensures zoo staff have appropriate information and controls to implement the most efficient solutions promoting the health of zoo wildlife, staff and visitors.

Innovation in Action: Illuminating Concepts at a Royal Oak parking garage On the top floor of a busy Royal Oak parking structure, Farmington Hills-based Illuminating Concepts showcases its Intellistreets technology that boasts energy savings, provides a secure environment for users, and offers a platform for entertainment. Along with the Intellistreets Post Top Module (PTM), lower wattage LED lights were installed to replace the original metal halide fixtures in existing light poles. The patented wireless lighting control system captures energy usage data and offers the flexibility of dimming lights to reflect an occupant’s needs. The system’s smart sensors detect occupancy levels and reduce light levels in low-use areas while increasing in high-use areas. While this tool reduces energy use in unnecessary situations, it also increases the structure’s safety by providing well lit areas for visitors. Additional security is supplied with Intellistreets’ emergency button that can activate cameras and offer immediate, direct communication with authorities. Visitors benefit from the aesthetics provided by the system featuring speakers that can do everything from play the latest Top 40 hit to sharing timely messages about local events.

About the E-Challenge Led by DTE Energy and administered by NextEnergy and the Engineering Society of Detroit, the E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency goal was to drive innovation in energy efficiency technologies to its electric customer base. And it worked. In the end, technology vendors partnered with property owners to validate the proposed benefits of the technologies at onsite demonstrations. After a rigorous review of submissions, a panel of experts selected Lumecon and Illuminating Concepts to demonstrate their products and show how lighting can offer more than simple illumination. In fact, advanced lighting innovation opens up a world of opportunities and capabilities while providing cost-effective solutions that maximize energy efficiency for the end user.

The DTE E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency offers the perfect venue for companies to demonstrate their technological capabilities while increasing the visibility of Michigan-based companies, as well as their Michigan supply chain partners. Thus, Michigan innovation can be used as a model that can be replicated and adopted in similar markets on a broader scale. As evident in these technologies, advanced lighting will help achieve energy savings, save money, and—due to the flexibility and potential features that can be integrated into a system—offers the potential to change the way we do business. I encourage you to visit both sites to see the technology in action and support local talent!

Click here to go to the E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency website.

Click here to read the E-Challenge for Energy Efficiency press release.


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  • joseph muita says:

    Energy Conservation is indeed unquestionably of great importance to all of us since we rely on energy for everything we do every single day. Energy supplies are limited and, to maintain a good quality of life, we must find ways to use energy wisely. Thanks for sharing.

  • Citratech says:

    In today’s world Saving Energy and water is very much essentially required in all parts of the world. LED lighting controls is good enough to save energy in an efficient way.

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