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Guest Blog: Bill Hampton, Publisher, AutoBeat Group LLC: Introducing the Advanced Mobility Project

By Posted on February 4, 2014

The AutoBeat Group publishes four newsletters about the business of the car business for 150,000 subscribers worldwide. Over the past few years it’s become increasingly obvious in our reporting that the world of personal transportation is on the brink of its biggest transformation since the car was invented.

That’s why we have launched the Advanced Mobility Project. AMP is a new Web site devoted to news, reports, videos and analysis about the world of new mobility. We also are delighted to partner with NextEnergy in presenting our first invitational conference about this hugely important topic at the NextEnergy Center in Detroit on Feb. 20-21. Click here for details.

The conference will be live-streamed by Detroit Public Television. DPT will work with the AutoBeat Group to use material from the conference and elsewhere to create a one-hour PBS television program on advanced mobility that will air this spring.

Why have we launched AMP now? The auto industry realizes the viability of its products will be dramatically enhanced by enabling cars to talk directly to each other. It’s no wonder carmakers around the world are embracing connectivity so quickly and broadly. They recognize that connected cars will significantly improve highway safety by avoiding crashes, and it will enhance travel efficiency by smoothing the flow of traffic.

Connectivity will make the act of getting from A to B more cost effective and less time consuming, whether by personal car or some other option. The alternatives-ranging from shared rides and short-term rentals to automated shuttles and mass transit-become increasingly important (and attractive) as the global population expands, more of us live in urban areas and concern grows about air quality and natural resources.

There is no single “answer” to future mobility. Solutions will, as always, depend upon many local factors. But the options will increase. AMP’s mission is to report about the process and where it takes us. Our goal is to provide a centralized and impartial source of information about this complex topic, which ultimately will touch everyone who travels.

Click here to visit the Advanced Mobility Project Web site. Clickhere to visit the home page for AutoBeat Group’s online newsletters.


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