NextEnergy is engaged with HEATX to accelerate the commercialization of their magnetocaloritic induction technology for applications within building electrification and electric mobility.

Our Work

NextEnergy will work with HEAT X to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Install and operate prototype systems for water heating, space heating, and induction cooking in the smart home demonstration platform at 461 Burroughs Street, Detroit.
  • Create and facilitate demonstrations to create awareness for building electrification technology.
  • Research and identify potential corporate partners/investors within our network to support the commercialization of HEAT X technology.
Heat X appliance

Learn More

For information about HEAT X and its technology, please visit the HEAT X website. To learn more about NextEnergy’s role in the project and how we can support your smart energy and mobility technologies and projects, please email Jim Saber, President and Chief Executive Officer, at [email protected] or call 313-833-0100, ext. 240.

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