MATch Energy Grant

Pursuing federal funding for your

energy or transportation technology?

There are multiple sources of federal funding for advanced energy research, development, and demonstration programs. However, applicants often have difficulty finding required matching funds, lack support in developing applications, and need commercialization services after the funding is secured. To help address those needs, NextEnergy launched the MATch (Michigan Accelerating Technologies) Energy Grant on December 1, 2012.

The MATch Energy Grant is funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and provides matching funds to eligible Michigan small businesses and university researchers applying for advanced energy- and transportation-related federal funding. Our goal is to leverage public and private resources as an incentive to drive increased federal support of Michigan advanced energy organizations. The matching funds directly support the commercialization process for applied research projects, and seek to transform federal programs into job growth for the state of Michigan.

In addition to matching funds, NextEnergy will provide federal funding application services to select companies and universities with high-quality proposals to better position them for success.

It is highly recommended that you apply for the MATch Energy Grant early in your federal grant proposal process. For more information, contact Wayne Snyder at 313.833.0100, ext. 103 or

The Process


Identify your target agency or grant program


Submit a MATch application


Work with NextEnergy to refine your proposal


Receive letter of support or financial commitment, if eligible

Award Guidelines

Organization Cost-share Commercialization
Universities N/A Base of $25K for commercialization training program and plan, and up to 5% of total grant award in incentives for achieving key commercialization milestones
Companies Starting at 20% of the total cost-share requirement (subject to negotiation)/ $30K-$50K in funding for commercialization projects (as applicable).

MATch Eligible Funding Opportunities

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Mar. 4, 2019: High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation (HPC4EI) Initiative

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Aug. 23, 2018: RFI: Michigan Match Assistance Pilot Program (MMAPP)

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May 7, 2018: Preliminary Design and Techno-Economic Analysis of MWe Class Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems

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