NextEnergy Microgrids

NextEnergy operates three unique microgrids within its three-acre campus. NextEnergy’s main building, Microgrid Pavilion and NextEnergy’s smart home each provide industry platforms to demonstrate and test distributed generation, demand response, energy efficiency, electric vehicle infrastructure, smart building, smart home, and communications within commercial and residential energy applications.

For more information, contact Jim Saber at 313-833-0100, ext. 240. or [email protected]

NextEnergy center provides a real-world environment for technology developers to...

  • Interact with distributed generation devices and real-time scenarios through communications protocols, real-time pricing and load balancing
  • Demonstrate the efficiency gains and cost savings of direct current (DC) power versus alternating current (AC) power
  • Experiment with seamless system interoperability between distributed generation devices such as electric vehicles, battery storage, building energy management systems, and devices in homes and buildings through AC and DC distribution systems
  • Evaluate how technologies integrate with the “connected built environment,” including a vehicle-grid-home device connected world