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Monthly Update: February 2021

By Posted on February 18, 2021
Jim Saber

Jim Saber, President & CEO

Increasing Resiliency while creating Carbon Free Energy Solutions


In Michigan, we are used to grinding through another winter with snow and freezing temperatures. What’s different this year, is the cold and snow which has gripped much of the southern portion of the U.S. and the strain it has placed on our energy grid. How we protect our energy grid and systems from future weather-related events across the country while investing in carbon-free energy generation and systems will continue to be topics for research and discussion.

Our team at NextEnergy explores how carbon-free heating solutions — which are efficient in cold weather climates — are critical to our goals of a carbon-free energy future. Eric McDonald’s latest blog on electrifying heating, provides insight into solutions which can accelerate this transition.

Stay tuned for updates on our work and activities via our website, social media platforms, and as always please feel free to connect with our team virtually.

– Jim
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