NextChallenge Smart Cities Mobility Finalists


Stefanie Lemcke | GoKid | GoKid School Mobility Program

GoKid is a technology company that creates carpool solutions for schools, teams, and families, helping parents to carpool with a trusted network of families. We provide a platform to: easily set up a carpool schedule and keep track of it with regular reminders and notifications, collaborate with other trusted families to drive, track the location of the carpool driver for each carpool their child is in, and track miles saved and CO2 emissions avoided.

Movatic Logo

Ansgar Strother | Movatic | Integrated Mobility

Movatic will make it more convenient to get around via shared use mobility than personal vehicle. This will be accomplished by integrating bikes, bike lockers, scooters, cars, mass transit and parking to create a seamless mobility experience.


Jennifer Ding | ParkIT | Real-time parking data

ParkIT pairs IP cameras with patent-pending Computer Vision technology to drop the cost of real-time parking data collection to a fraction of per space sensor solutions. Our mission is to improve parking efficiency for the entire transportation ecosystem: with ParkIT data, parking managers can optimize their sales/operations, drivers can navigate directly to open spaces, and cities can reduce traffic and improve quality of life.


$20,000 Grant Award Winner!
Travis Knepper | RideHop | OnDemand for fixed routes

RideHop OnDemand is a smart and demand-responsive solution that improves the rider experience while reducing operational overhead and carbon emissions for fixed-route systems during off-peak, low demand times. By reducing vehicle miles traveled while increasing rider satisfaction during off-peak times, RideHop OnDemand will relieve traffic and parking congestion while providing the accurate and reliable data needed by transportation planners to create the best possible experience.


Anya Babbitt | SPLT | Non-emergency medical transport

SPLT is building the world’s first NEMT app platform in partnership with Lyft to disrupt the $6 Billion a year Non-Emergency Medical Transport Industry. SPLT Rides Platform will increase on-time arrival of patients, decrease no-shows, bringing in more revenue while saving the hospitals, rehabilitation centers, dialysis centers, and the healthcare system millions of dollars per year with the first demonstration project to be run in the Detroit Area with Henry Ford Health Systems, Beaumont Health, and Detroit Medical Center.