Mobility startups now have access to more than $1 million in funding through the PlanetM Mobility Grants, thanks to a new statewide program that provides mobility companies with more and better opportunities to validate and prove new technologies in Michigan.

The PlanetM Mobility Pilot Grant will support global mobility companies to deploy their technologies in Michigan in partnership with Michigan communities, ultimately making it easier, safer and more affordable for Michigan residents to get around.

The grant will fund multiple innovative mobility pilot projects of varying sizes that provide mobility solutions in Michigan communities.

Companies will be required to partner with at least one of the following public and/or private entities: community organization, municipality, government agency (e.g. MDOT, county), OEM/supplier, large employer, and/or other Michigan stakeholders.

Individual grant amount will vary and a 25% match is required by the participant’s committed partners.

Our Work

NextEnergy is excited to be serving as the PlanetM Pilot Grant Project Manager. Our team of experienced professionals and technical experts will assist PlanetM with the Grant application vetting process, act as the fiduciary in grant funding, and collaborate with startups and partners to facilitate up to 10 pilots over an estimated 18-month period.

Learn More

Learn more about PlanetM Startup Grant opportunities and apply here. For questions about NextEnergy’s role in the program, or how we can work to support your commercialization goals, please email Jim Saber, President and CEO.

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PlanetM news conference

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