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Rolling: Invest Michigan Pre-Seed Fund

The Michigan Pre-Seed Fund is an investment fund that supports pre-seed and seed stage technology companies located in Michigan. The Michigan Pre-Seed Fund offers equity or convertible debt initial investments ranging from $100,000 – $250,000 with the goal of supporting our portfolio companies with additional follow-on investments.

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  • Lamar Parker says:

    My name is Lamar Parker CEO of Getbuzzz, a new mobile app platform in logistics and ecommerce. I am looking for funding for development..

  • Jack Ribbens says:

    As president of PREC, LLC, I oversee research and development of a new class of internal combustion engine, a turbo-cyclic design, which has the potential to revolutionize many market applications fulfilling the need for higher specific power and lower operating costs and emissions, than conventional I. C. power plants. We plan to introduce the device into the aerospace drone, lawn & garden implement and outboard marine segments after proving out the existing working prototype. We need $75,000-150,000 to complete the initial testing of this single stage prototype. This technology could replace virtually all 2 stroke engines over time. The EPA has publically announced their intention to eliminate all 2 stroke engines.
    We will then proceed to develop multi-stage prototypes for applications requiring higher horsepower output, including recreational and hybrid vehicles. This effort will require approximately $450,000.

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