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Technology Commercialization

We engage with large and small companies, government agencies and NGOs to meet their smart mobility and smart energy technology commercialization objectives through:

Project Development & Management

  • We leverage our network to build diverse teams of project partners
  • We identify opportunities and develop proposals to access private, philanthropic, state and federal funding
  • We provide quick and efficient, turn-key proof-of-concept and business model exploration through technology pilots and demonstrations in real-world environments

Explore Enbala Demand Response and Denso MDrive for examples of our work.

Program Development & Management

  • We work with a variety of stakeholders to develop and manage all aspects of multi-faceted grant and technical programs and technology challenges

Market & Technology Analysis

  • We provide custom consulting services to help our clients answer their most important questions


  • NextEnergy sponsorship formWe offer our clients a unique opportunity to become a sponsor of our corporate mission. In addition to accessing our technology commercialization services, sponsors can also gain access to tech scouting, thought leadership opportunities, ideation session facilitation and focused relationship development within the NextEnergy network.

View our sponsorship details for full list of options.

Solutions for communities and cities

We engage with communities and cities of all sizes to identify strategies to implement smarter, cleaner, more accessible solutions in our two key focus areas:

Examples of Smart Mobility Solutions

Electric vehicle charging

As electric vehicles gain popularity, cities and communities are seeing advantages of installing EV charging stations in downtown areas and shopping districts. NextEnergy can help your city navigate this process, maximize your return on investment, and identify the right partners to achieve your goals.

Car sharing

Car sharing is being implemented by many cities to provide access and opportunity to underserved neighborhoods. NextEnergy can help your city identify the best car sharing model, attract national car sharing operators, and manage the installation of new infrastructure to support it.


The fastest growing mobility segment, micromobility, which includes bikes and e-scooters is creating convenience for visitors, employees, and residents for trips under five miles. Let NextEnergy help your city identify policies and partnerships to help you avoid pitfalls and identify which solutions are best for your specific needs.

Electrification of city fleets

Electric vehicles have the potential to create significant cost savings for operation and maintenance of city fleets. NextEnergy can help your city optimize these benefits by analyzing the city fleet, identifying the right vehicle models to suit your needs, selecting the right charging infrastructure solutions, and managing the installation. In addition, we can help your city access federal and utility rebates for purchasing EVs and installing charging infrastructure.

Examples of Smart Grid Solutions

Smart lighting

Networked lighting controls can increase energy savings and integrate with HVAC and building management systems. These solutions include embedded sensors, software, and integrated power meters. Their benefits include improved security, more comfortable environments, and better space utilization. NextEnergy can help your city identify and implement cost effective smart lighting solutions.

Smart building management systems

Building management systems can provide enhanced data collection, energy analysis, diagnostics, and reporting functionality. Beyond energy management, they can be configured to automate routine controls, as well as integrate with asset management, security and operations systems. NextEnergy can help your city identify the right type of building management solutions to achieve your energy and cost reduction goals.

Distributed generation

Distributed generation technologies can provide lower-cost electricity and higher power reliability and security with fewer environmental consequences than traditional power generators. NextEnergy can help your city understand if a distributed generation solution is right for you. In addition, NextEnergy can manage the siting and installation to provide an end-to-end solution to your power reliability needs.

Energy storage

Energy storage can increase the effectiveness of renewable energy by deploying those renewables when needed. Depending on design, incorporating energy storage can also provide security benefits and personalized grid services to lower energy bills. Let NextEnergy design an energy storage solution that can help your city lower its operating costs and increase resiliency all while reducing your carbon footprint.


For advanced cities, microgrid solutions can offer the ability to operate buildings and infrastructure in both grid-connected and island-mode. The microgrid can power city buildings during emergencies or natural disasters when grid power is lost. NextEnergy can help your city determine if a microgrid solution is right for you.

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