Our depth of experience, technical knowledge and established network of partners allow us to develop effective programs and pilots and facilitate new relationships to help our clients achieve their commercialization goals.

For corporate innovators and technology startups:

  • We provide quick and efficient proof-of-concept and business model exploration through technology commercialization pilots and demonstrations
  • We provide efficient access to the innovation pipeline to connect with promising solutions and innovators
  • We build teams to pursue and leverage research, development and commercialization funding
  • We provide thought leadership opportunities
  • We provide mentoring and consulting to facilitate connections to industry partners and investors to support commercialization including; access to technology challenges and competitions, preparation for investor pitches, and access to funding

For communities and cities:

  • We identify new solutions and facilitate new relationships to attract national/international companies to the region to form partnerships that can solve the most pressing societal issues
  • We enhance the quality of life for all citizens through customer-focused demonstrations, connecting solutions directly to the people who need them

Learn how you can start transforming your ideas and technology into smarter, cleaner more accessible solutions for communities and cities. Let's connect!