• Pilot Results: Average component weight reduction 50% and cost neutral solution
  • Strongest castable steel on the market 1.3-1.9GPa
  • Demonstrated capability to cast 3 mm wall sections and complex shapes
  • Ultra light weighting
  • NextEnergy provided supply chain and promotional support, business advice and connections to new partners through matchmaking

Detroit Materials, Inc. (DM) is an advanced-materials firm that has developed a portfolio of ultra-high-strength structural steels and cast irons for demanding applications in the defense, off-highway and transportation industries. Their advanced steels exhibit an excellent combination of strength, toughness, hardness, and elongation currently only available in the form of highly-alloyed and costly exotic steels. DM casting steels are the only ultra-high-strength ferrous material capable of casting complex shapes with wall thicknesses as thin as 3 mm.

Detroit Materials CEO Pedro Guillen, who assisted many start-ups in his former role as director of venture development at NextEnergy, leveraged those same services, along with Automation Alley’s 7Cs program, and participation in the NextEnergy’s I-Corps Energy & Transportation program, to help commercialize the Wayne State University spin off technology.

NextEnergy has supported Detroit Materials significantly by helping us build our supply chain and providing critical introductions to potential customers. Dan Radomski works tirelessly to socialize our company to National Labs, U.S. DOE program directors and possible customers.

Pedro Guillien CEO, Detroit Materials