• LexTM3 has created mobile microgrid technology designed to meter, control, and condition power in remote locations effectively and efficiently
  • The company’s simplified system of systems features three intelligent power modules, including a load control module, power management module, and micro grid module
  • NextEnergy helped to commercialize the mobile microgrid technology by providing a test bed, demonstration facilities, program management for U.S. Department of Defense programs, and equipment

XG Sciences is a world-leading graphene manufacturer specializing in graphene nanoplatelets and advanced engineered materials based on nanoplatelets. XG Sciences is one of a handful of companies around the world capable of mass manufacturing graphene. The company’s XGnP® graphene nanoplatelets represent a new class of carbon nanoparticles that help customers improve electrical and thermal connectivity, as well as certain mechanical properties.

xGnP graphene nanoplatelets are available in multiple grades and sizes to meet various application needs, at commercial quantities and economical costs.  They are also the basis for a range of value-added electrode materials for energy storage applications, including XG Leaf® films and “papers” for electronics and battery applications, and conductive coatings, inks, and dispersions. These nanoplatelets are used in a variety of applications including transportation, energy storage, electronics, sports, aerospace, infrastructure, defense, and biomedical. XG Sciences has more than 600 customers (from end-users and compounders to universities and research groups) in almost 40 countries that customize materials for specific applications.

NextEnergy helped XG Sciences broaden their network by initiating connections with two leading organizations in Michigan’s advanced energy storage sector to integrate and test their technology. Additionally, NextEnergy connected XG Sciences with organizers of The Battery Show in 2014. This connection resulted in an opportunity for XG Sciences to speak on a panel, allowing the company to share their business pitch with a broad audience of industry stakeholders. In 2016, they applied for, and were awarded a Small Business Vouchers Pilot (SVB) grant from the U.S. Department of Energy with assistance from NextEnergy.

NextEnergy has done a great job providing valuable support to us through consultation, matchmaking, project development, funding, alerts, outreach, and more.

Robert Privette VP Energy Markets, XG Sciences