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The Future of Transportation

By Posted on January 9, 2014

NextEnergy was diving deep into the world of “advanced mobility” and its opportunities for technology and service development when the AutoBeat Group, one of the world’s most widely read automotive business dailies, approached us about partnering on a unique event. The event would focus on the future of transportation, be captured via live stream, and later edited into a one-hour television special. We were intrigued.

After months of planning, we are proud to introduce the Advanced Mobility Project: Beyond the Connected Vehicle Conference happening February 20-21, 2014 at NextEnergy.

The auto industry is moving fast to embrace vehicle connectivity, with early focus on safety-enhancing features. But that’s only the beginning. The Beyond the Connected Vehicle Conference is a fast-paced, two-day discussion about new products and services enabled by vehicle connectivity and the potential value they create for the end user.  It will bring together dynamic business development, innovation and strategy professionals from the transportation industry, technology and software start-ups, government, urban planning and other industries to discuss topics, including:

  • How connectivity impacts our ability to get where we want, when we want
  • How smart devices can add “day one” value
  • Apps in vehicles vs. apps in smartphones
  • How connected electric vehicles impact sustainability and quality of life
  • Lessons from innovative mobility projects in deployment
  • Where we go next: evaluating the timeline & factors for large volume consumer adoption

The first evening of the event is invitation-only and will include a networking reception and interactive panel on emerging business models. The next day will include a limited number of seats open to the public and will focus on exploring value and future markets for the connected vehicle. It will include keynotes, a technical tour and interactive ‘fireside’ discussions.

Not only will the event be live streamed and featured on the Autobeat and Advanced Mobility Project websites, it will be produced into a one-hour public television special for Detroit Public Television.  Later, similar events may be released into additional markets, such as California and Washington, DC.

For more information and to download the agenda, please click here.  You may register for the public portion of the event by clicking here.  If you or someone you know is interested in attending the invitation-only portion also, please email me at

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