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We've asked the NextEnergy team to share the industry-related news, stories and information that have grabbed their attention this month. We hope you find it useful!

Eric McDonald, Director, Facilities & Infrastructure Development

What he’s reading: Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Finally Comes to Fruition

Media: EC&M

What makes it interesting: In case you don’t know what’s in it or want a good synopsis of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, this is a good quick read to get you up to speed.

Angella Durkin, COO

What she’s reading: Tech companies eye Detroit as mobility sector with accessible streets

Media: WDIV Local 4

What makes it interesting: This story highlights Michigan Mobility Funding Platform awardee Kuhmute and provides a great look at how Detroit is innovating to solve mobility challenges in the City.

Latonya Binford, Accountant

What she’s reading: The green economy is poised to create an immense amount of prosperity—but will everyone benefit?


What makes it interesting: Although it is forecasted that the world’s green economy will benefit us all on the whole, the gender gap in STEM jobs is expected to widen even further.

Kate Bell, Program Manager

What he’s reading: What “The Matrix” Got Wrong About Cities of the Future

Media: Wired

What makes it interesting: While alarmist at times, this is a fun year-end read: a blend of pop culture and the current state of smart cities. The piece argues that “The Matrix” envisioned a future world where virtual and physical reality remained distinct from one another, yet these two worlds are actually deeply intertwined as we’re about to enter 2022 – and their integration shows no sign of stopping soon. What are the implications of this continued integration if the digital world remains privatized with weak governance while our physical world is public? At what point does one set of rules give way to the other?


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