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We've asked the NextEnergy team to share the industry-related news, stories and information that have grabbed their attention this month. We hope you find it useful!

Angella Durkin, COO

What she’s reading: What it takes to be carbon neutral — for a family, a city, a country
Media: The Washington Post
What makes it interesting: This article was interesting exploration of action that can be taken from an individual level up to the country level to become carbon neutral.

David Jackson, Director, Business Development & Industry Partnerships

What he’s reading: How to use data to get micro-transit right
What makes it interesting: Article takes a hard look at what is working and what is failing and why. Data does not lie.

Nathalie Osborn, Director, Smart Grid Initiatives

What she’s reading: Grid-interactive efficient buildings are the future, and utilities can help lead the way
Media: ACEEE
What makes it interesting: Article shares the value of grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs), how they integrate energy efficiency with demand flexibility, as well as the role they can play in supporting beneficial electrification.

Tim Slusser, Director, Smart Mobility Initiatives

What he’s reading: Detroit has a parking problem
Media: Detroiters for Parking Reform
What makes it interesting: I was shocked to learn of the oversupply of parking and lack of policies to incentive developments to create a healthy, prosperous and more sustainable downtown Detroit. I think you might be too.

Wayne Snyder, Director, Technology Development

What he’s reading: On Global Electricity Usage of Communication Technology: Trends to 2030
Media: MDPI
What makes it interesting: While global energy use in 2018 topped off at about 1% of total demand, this new report suggests that by 2030, data centers could reach up to 13% total demand! What’s suggestively driving this? 5G — digitization of everything and highly decentralized, and perhaps inefficient, micro data centers.


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