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We've asked the NextEnergy team to share the industry-related news, stories and information that have grabbed their attention this month. We hope you find it useful!

Jim Saber, President & Chief Executive Officer

What he’s reading: Natural Gas, America’s No. 1 Power Source, Already Has a New Challenger: Batteries

Media:Wall Street Journal

What makes it interesting:Great article highlighting how utilities and others are thinking about investments for energy generation.

Tim Slusser, Director, Smart Mobility Initiatives

What she’s reading: Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries can Give Up Cobalt Without Crushing or Melting

Media: Battery Technology

What makes it interesting: Research has shown that new methods of recycling can extract high value battery materials without destructive processes. This could have a number of implications including greater recyclability, lower environmental impacts, lower dependence on mining and lower battery costs.

Eric McDonald, Director, Facilities & Infrastructure Development

What he’s reading:Hot new electric cars that are coming soon

Media: Consumer Reports

What makes it interesting: Here’s a look at some of the new all-electric vehicles which are in production or near production.

Angella Durkin, COO

What she’s reading: What Would Providing Every City with High-Quality, Zero-Emissions Public Transportation Look Like?

Media: Urban Institute

What makes it interesting: Accessible, Zero-Emissions Transportation – you had me at hello.


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