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We've asked the NextEnergy team to share the industry-related news, stories and information that have grabbed their attention this month. We hope you find it useful!

Angella Durkin, COO

What she’s reading: If you build it: challenges facing electric vehicle infrastructure

Media: Forbes

What makes it interesting: EVs are on the way but who build out the charging infrastructure? This article explores how one entity in Kansas has built out EV infrastructure.

Eric McDonald, Director, Facilities & Infrastructure Development

What he’s reading: UCLA team nabs $2.9M grant to turn CO2 into concrete


What makes it interesting: Carbon capture usually collects CO2 emissions from industrial production, compresses the CO2 and then injects the gas into the ground. What happens in the long term? CO2 emissions can be put to practical use as an ingredient for stronger concrete.

Latonya Binford, Accountant

What she’s reading: Efforts to boost energy efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic: Part 1

Media: Environment America

What makes it interesting: With the rise of energy consumption since March of 2020, three major efforts by municipalities and utilities to get energy efficiency levels back on track are identified: building electrification & efficiency initiatives, rebates & retrofits, and appliance efficiency standards.

Jim Saber, President & Chief Executive Officer

What he’s reading: A Tale of Two Grids, Texas and California


What makes it interesting:Interesting take on the Texas and California grids and how they have dealt with climate related outages.

Tim Slusser, Director, Smart Mobility Initiatives

What he’s reading: The Future is Faster Than You Think

Media: Simon & Schuster Publishing

What makes it interesting: This week I started reading The Future is Faster Than You Think. This book is all about how converging technologies are transforming our daily lives, the businesses we interact with, and the industries they service. The authors explore how technology is changing the future of things such as shopping, advertising, education, food, healthcare, and more.


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