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We've asked the NextEnergy team to share the industry-related news, stories and information that have grabbed their attention this month. We hope you find it useful!

Tim Slusser, Director, Smart Mobility Initiatives

What he’s reading: What the electric bus industry could do with a multibillion-dollar federal investment

Media: Canary Media

What makes it interesting: A strong federal program to electrify the nation’s 70,000 transit buses and other transit vehicles could have a huge ripple effect for the transportation and mobility industry.

Eric McDonald, Director, Facilities & Infrastructure Development

What he’s reading: Why data sharing and parking enforcement are key to the EV revolution

Media:Traffic Technology Today

What makes it interesting: The author sees data collection of EV charging stations as important to adoption of EV vehicles. If data is not shared/disseminated, public EV stations may prove difficult to locate and time misuse by customers may turn off drivers searching for available fueling spots.

Kate Bell, Program Manager

What she’s reading: The Build Back Better Act wants you to buy an electric car. An electric bike? Not so much.

Media: Fast Company

What makes it interesting: This article highlights tensions that arise among clean mobility supporters when it comes to structuring incentives to increase adoption of electric-powered transit options. While electric vehicles would reduce transportation-related emissions, reliance on cars carries additional negative impacts such as congestion and pedestrian fatalities which could be mitigated by prioritizing alternative transit modes (including e-bikes). The Build Back Better plan’s focus on subsidizing EVs without providing similar considerations for e-bikes or scooters demonstrates that a cultural shift towards a robust multi-modal transportation system has yet to dawn.

Latonya Binford, Accountant

What she’s reading: IDTechEx: market value of on-road fuel-cell vehicles to grow to $160B in 2042; 23.9% CAGR over 20 years

Media: Green Car Congress

What makes it interesting: The effort to decarbonize on-road vehicles and the growing momentum pushing a rapid transition to zero-emission vehicles seem to be two major factors in the predicted increase in market value, which should serve as a financial incentive to us potential buyers.


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