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We've asked the NextEnergy team to share the industry-related news, stories and information that have grabbed their attention this month. We hope you find it useful!

Eric McDonald, Director, Facilities & Infrastructure Development

What he’s reading: Passive cooling system could benefit off-grid locations

Media: MIT News

What makes it interesting: The U.S. is finally moving towards eliminating hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used extensively in refrigeration and room air conditioning refrigerants. Carbon based off-gases from HFCs add to greenhouse gas emissions. MIT researchers have found materials which may work to provide passive cooling by lowering the temperature of chilled water in mechanical cooling equipment.

Kate Bell, Program Manager

What she’s reading: Cities push to convert deserted office buildings into housing

Media: Axios

What makes it interesting: How can cities solve the dual problems of empty downtown districts and an overburdened housing market? In addition to building new units, some cities are turning to repurposing an existing building stock: converting former office buildings into new multi-family residences. Yet this is not as simple as handing over the keys. Changes to local zoning regulations and long-term city planning will be essential. LA and New York have already instituted creative adaptive reuse policies; I’m keeping an eye out to see if other municipalities begin to follow suit.

Lauren Mattar, Technical Program Manager

What she’s reading: Detroit’s Office of Mobility Innovation – Sustainable Deployments of Innovative Mobility Technology

Media: Future of Mobility Podcast

What makes it interesting: This podcast features an interview with Tim Slusser, Chief of Mobility Innovation in the City of Detroit’s Office of Mobility Innovation. During the episode, Tim discusses what he and his team are working on, how they are approaching mobility for the city, and why Detroit is a great place for mobility.


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