Access to Funding

NextEnergy helps businesses develop strategies for pursuing public and private funding opportunities, including identification of possible sources and potential strategic partners. In addition to helping companies make connections with state and federal agencies, NextEnergy also introduces qualified early-stage companies to private and venture capital investors.

Business Consulting

Based on outcomes of Initial Company Assessments, NextEnergy provides business development support to early-stage companies to strengthen their business plan, develop investor pitches, and provide development strategies. NextEnergy also identifies and makes introductions to potential strategic partners to help businesses develop and grow.

Initial Company Assessment

NextEnergy provides viability and needs assessments to help early to mature stage companies grow. These assessments may include determining a company’s development stage, technology readiness, and approach to market, as well as, assessing management team capabilities, financials, and partnership prospects.

Market Research

NextEnergy has conducted extensive market analyses, technology roadmapping, and value-chain research for a variety of advanced energy sectors. NextEnergy provides access to these analyses, which combined with its knowledge of regional energy assets, help businesses assess market opportunities for their products and services.

Promotional Support

NextEnergy provides company and product promotional opportunities at the NextEnergy Center, which hosts thousands of visitors each year for events, workshops, and meetings. Companies may receive exposure through technology demonstration projects, event participation, and other outreach efforts, such as through NextEnergy’s e-newsletter, press releases, direct mail, website, brochures, and social media.

R&D Demonstration Programs

NextEnergy partners with companies on advanced energy testing and demonstration projects at its Center utilizing its Smart Grid testing and validation platforms, as well as other locations. In many cases, NextEnergy collaborates with businesses and other partners to leverage public funding, such as federal grants, in support of these projects.

Technology Acceleration Space

The NextEnergy Center includes 18,500 square feet of laboratory space in a secure environment, which may be available for lease and collaborative projects. NextEnergy’s conference and demonstration facilities include an auditorium, meeting and training rooms, and demonstration space. Relevant, regular conferences, workshops and tours hosted at the Center contribute to the collaborative learning environment cultivated by the complementary activities taking place at NextEnergy.

Technology Vetting

NextEnergy assesses the technical merit of technologies presented by early-stage companies and helps them to examine the competitive landscape for their products. This vetting process combined with other business services helps companies accelerate the commercialization of their technology.

Testing and Validation Services

The NextEnergy campus includes one of the first Smart Grid testing platforms in the country, which is available for testing and validation of electric vehicles, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy storage, power conditioning and control systems, and renewable energy integration such as off-grid public lighting. NextEnergy’s engineering and go-to-market teams provide valuable third party testing and validation support.

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