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With projected increased urbanization, there will be a consequent increased demand on the grid. Utilities must deploy new solutions to manage this, with special attention to energy allocation during periods of high and peak demand.

NextEnergy partnered with DTE to assemble a team comprised of Enbala, a grid power software solutions provider, Hepta Control Systems, a master systems integrator, and Coritech Services, an industrial automation solution provider. Through implementation of Enbala’s Symphony software, DTE was able to exercise demand response and peak demand management activity on multiple assets at the Wayne State University Industry Innovation Center (I2C), where NextEnergy is located.

Our Work

  • Served as the host demonstration site, providing engineering support and oversite for all on-campus activity including:
    • installation and decommissioning
    • assistance with project development
    • access to systems and loads
    • support for testing and data collection


This demonstration provided insight on demand response technologies, implementation and best practices. Coritech and Hepta integrated the building SCADA (supervisory controls) and building energy management system to allow the assets to be controlled by Enbala’s Symphony software. Data points were assigned to the main electrical meter, the building chiller, two chilled water pumps, two air handling units, a level 2 AC electric vehicle charger, and the natural gas generator. Enbala wrote a logic program for its Symphony software which can turn on or off the above assets.

Through the Symphony software DTE staff was able to command the assets to turn on or off based on temperatures at the site and turn on the electric vehicle charger during low demand periods among other strategies. This demonstration was unique in that DTE was able to command multiple assets in demand response events at the same time. Currently, none of DTE’s commercially available demand response programs command more than one asset at a site.

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