EV Battery Recycling and 2nd Use


In early 2021, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) awarded NextEnergy a market research grant to assess the Michigan supply chain for electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling and secondary use. To deliver the assessment, NextEnergy partnered with Wixom, MI-based Battery Solutions, an industry leader in recycling management solutions for all battery chemistries.

Our Work

This project will examine and characterize the existing Michigan supply chain for collection, analysis, remanufacturing, reuse, and recycling of used EV batteries. The assessment will identify existing supply chain gaps as well as opportunities for addressing those gaps, including via secondary use applications. The findings will help EGLE and the State of Michigan prepare for the impending future of EV battery use and reuse.


This project has five primary goals and objectives:

  • Catalog the current EV battery recycling infrastructure in Michigan.
  • Analyze current total used EV battery supply and calculate the total expected battery capacity after automotive life based on available data of EVs operating in Michigan.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for EV battery secondary use in Michigan.
  • Evaluate current processes for EV battery disassembly and repackaging or remanufacturing, including identifying gaps and opportunities for recycling of disassembled components.
  • Provide recommendations for addressing gaps in both EV battery recycling and secondary use, including outlining any near-term opportunities (e.g. implementing a deposit or core charge program similar to that for lead-acid batteries).
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Learn More

To learn more about NextEnergy’s role in the project, and how we can support your smart mobility efforts, please email Jim Saber, President and Chief Executive Officer, at [email protected] or call 313-833-0100, ext. 240.

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