Hydrogen Heavy Duty Vehicle Industry Group


The Hydrogen Heavy Duty Vehicle Industry Group—comprised of hydrogen industry leaders Air Liquide, Hyundai, Nel Hydrogen, Nikola Corporation, Shell, and Toyota—awarded NextEnergy a contract to manage the development and testing of globally-standard 70 MPa hydrogen heavy-duty vehicle high-flow (H70HF) fueling hardware components.

Our Work

The Industry Group was formed in February 2019 with the goal of addressing hydrogen fueling hardware challenges of achieving the fueling speeds that are needed for heavy-duty applications today. Other goals include testing and evaluating the hardware’s performance and standardizing the connector design to ensure adoptability throughout the world. NextEnergy will manage the development of the hardware components and oversee the successful completion of this initiative.


This project intends to:

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To learn more about NextEnergy’s role in the project, and how we can support your smart mobility projects, please email Lauren Mattar.

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