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Working Together to Address our Climate Issues

By Posted on August 23, 2021
Jim Saber

Jim Saber, President & CEO

I hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer. As the summer in Michigan has progressed, we have, like most of you, experienced multiple once every 100-year storms causing havoc with our infrastructure. The need for us to act to address our climate issues has never been greater. I want to share with you some of the activities the NextEnergy team is working on to address these issues. We have recently connected highly efficient electric space, water, and cooking systems in our smart home with Heat-X. We hosted “The Electric Vehicle Experience Detroit” which we hosted with EDF Action and TechTown Detroit convening industry, government, and community to focus innovation and partnerships which can be leveraged to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and our path to a clean energy future. Look for posts highlighting speakers and technology demonstrations in the next few weeks. As our work also continues to develop strategy and planning for 2nd use applications and recycling of EV batteries, please check out the guest blog from our partner Battery Solutions titled Used EV Battery Supply and Value of Battery Materials.

As always, please stay tuned for updates on our work and activities via our website, social media platforms, and as always please feel free to connect with our team to learn how we can support your strategy, planning, and implementation for clean, smart, and accessible communities and cities.

– Jim
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