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Lighting Technology Energy Solutions

The Lighting Technology Energy Solutions (LiTES) program will reduce the energy footprint in small and medium commercial buildings by accelerating the adoption of advanced lighting controls solutions through training and technology deployment.

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NextHome is part smart home, part distributed generation and part direct current (DC) that operates as a “living lab” within NextEnergy’s testing and validation platforms and allows industry partners to leverage multiple IoT frameworks and a residential microgrid.

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MATch Energy Grant

The MATch (Michigan Accelerating
Technologies) Energy Grant, funded by the MEDC, helps businesses and university research teams with the matching funds, proposal development and commercialization support needed to pursue federal grants.

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NextEnergy center provides a real-world environment for technology developers to Interact with distributed generation devices and real-time scenarios through communications protocols, real-time pricing and load balancing.

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Vehicle Infrastructure

NextEnergy has partnered with the US Department of Energy, US Department of Defense, automotive OEMs, and tier one suppliers on transportation programs focused on fuel cells, alternative fuels, electric vehicles and advancements in internal combustion engines.

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NextChallenge is a global competition for innovators who have connected, interactive and data-driven solutions that address common challenges facing urban areas.

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