Who We Are

We work with innovators to accelerate smarter, cleaner, more accessible solutions for communities and cities.

It is estimated that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. If we do nothing, this increased density, combined with constrained resources, an aging infrastructure and a growing digital divide among citizens, will result in unsustainable cities.

To address these challenges, NextEnergy works with a variety of industry partners to commercialize innovative new technologies, helping them to transform those ideas into solutions that will create a better quality of life for all.

Based in the center of Detroit’s growing innovation district with access to a microgrid, smart home, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and an alternative fuels platform, we demonstrate and pilot technologies in real-world environments to gather data and diverse user-experiences. This process helps us to quickly scale and deploy solutions by accelerating commercialization in two key areas:

Smart Mobility: connected, automated, shared and electrified (CASE) mobility solutions, and how they interact with surrounding infrastructure and the grid.

Smart Buildings, Homes and Infrastructure: smart, energy-efficient solutions for buildings and homes, and their interaction with surrounding infrastructure and the grid.

Experience, Knowledge & Relationships
Our depth of experience, technical knowledge and established network of partners allow us to develop effective programs and pilots and facilitate new relationships to help our clients achieve their commercialization goals. We do this through:
· Rapid proof-of-concept and business model exploration
· Access to the innovation pipeline
· Opportunities to leverage research, development and commercialization funding
· Thought leadership engagements and promotional support
· Mentoring and consulting to facilitate connections to industry partners and investors

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